SEWING Department

1We possess very wide range of full automatic Brother, Juki and Siruba. These include Single needle straight lock stitchers and Overocks as well as more specific Twin and Triple neddle flat lock stitchers, Eyelet button holers, Button sewer machines, Different hem finishing machines etc. supplementing our machine park for each individual stitch and finishing.


The sorted bundles of cut parts are send from the cutting department to production line where Sewing is done. Starting from the handling, it is most important and an initial step of the production. Bonsig has its own in-house stitching units allocated in two sites to maintain quality control during the processing. There are what is called sewing stations for sewing different parts of the cut pieces. The sewn parts of the garment, such as bodies, sleeves or pant legs, are assembled together to give the final form to the clothing